Series evaluation…

I’ve finished the evaluation of the recent series, 03/09/16 – 22/08/17. I don’t really know how to express how much of a relief that is!! Anyway, if you wish, you can read a full breakdown of how I used the Arts Council funding on the series, a breakdown of those that were involved as guest-hosts and those that took part as guests, both paid and voluntarily…

It’s all over at our series evaluation page.

Arts Council Funding – a breakdown

So…. who loves pie charts and spreadsheets? Well have I got a blog post for those of you that do!

As a quick disclaimer, the following information is not intended as a guide of how to produce a podcast (I’m still trying to work that out). The intention is to encourage more transparency regarding what arts producers use public funding for and to also give a little guidance to other artists thinking about starting a similar project.

I’ve also tried to elaborate a little on what I wish I’d have done differently, either in the planning or with the spending of the funding.

My first ACE Grants For the Arts application would have been enormously easier if I’d had access to this sort of breakdown and we only get on in life by helping each other out. I hope other arts practitioners and podcast producers find the document useful, mainly so it doesn’t feel a complete waste of time! 🙂

If you want to use this information (research or study etc) then please feel free to use it but credit the source. Try not to be a dick and use this information for free if you will be making any kind of profit.

If you have any questions then get in touch and I’ll try and answer when I have the time/energy.

Follow this here link for the pie charts and percentages.