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Here’s a review of the series on the Sabotage Reviews website by Matt Miles.

Here’s a write-up about the series on the Write Out Loud blog by Greg Freeman.

Feedback via online form:

“More podcasts from British writers living outside of the UK would be great.”

“Nothing. Just keep doing it, dude. It’s an important part of the poetry scene, I think, as it offers exposure in a different way.”

“Incorporate music where appropriate.”

“Perhaps shorter vignettes. I was interested in parts of a podcast. My attention waned at times.”

Feedback from voters in Saboteur Awards 2017:

“Made me listen to poetry for the first time .”

“Lunar Poetry Podcast has introduced me to so many interesting performance poets across the UK.”

“So impressed by the quality of this podcast. I’ve become a regular listener. A wonderful way to meet poets.”

“Extensive archive of podcasts, brilliant interviews, wealth of information for poets by transcript for those who can’t access audio, and audio, all professionally presented and the best podcast series around – also one of the most valuable contributions to poetry in general in recent years, and they deserve this for all these reasons and more. They promote the work and careers of so many poets and from all scenes and backgrounds, and have no bias towards any style, publisher – gender aware and a force of positivity in the poetry world.”

“Enlightening and entertaining.”

“Absolute commitment to fostering community and championing diversity. Work on being fully accessible and reaching a wider audience ought to be commended.”

“Eclectic and varied, encourages exploring.”

“Great range of international work, open to different formats and voices.”

“Lunar Poetry Podcasts have the widest range of topics and voices, and have genuinely transformed my understanding of what literature is and can be. They are the only podcast to fight to discuss issues around accessibility in the arts community, and David has worked tirelessly to produce interactive transcripts to accompany so many enlightening talks. A true gem, worth championing.”

“Super informative! Great interviews. I’m inspired every time!”

“New and urgent.”

“Not enough excellent live poetry journalism around, and they do it right.”

“Innovative and interesting.”

“The Lunar Poetry Podcast works, so importantly, to provide a platform for those whom the mainstream media marginalises. Over the course of its existence, the podcast has, deliberately, sought a wide guest range and audience, and not only this but it allows this diverse range of people the freedom to tell their own narratives. Founder David Turner works so hard and selflessly to uphold the beliefs the Podcast is founded on, and this work deserves to be recognised and continue. The podcast works to bring poetry to a wider audience by engaging with as many different people as possible through relaxed, yet considered, and often touching discussion.”

“A brilliant podcast in a sea of dross.”

“Their critical perspective is exceptional.”

“Because they really do some amazing stuff.”

“Vibrant and enjoyable, highly recommended.”

“I particularly like the authentic sound of this podcast, spontaneous and natural flowing interviews.”

“Innovative, challenging, provocative and evocative!”

“An amazing and insightful podcast offering unique and widespread voices on contemporary poetry.”