Ep. 130 – Sarah Callaghan (Comedy, Collaboration, and Confidence)

“You’re never gonna achieve greatness in your comfort zone.” – 10:20-11:26, listen here (all links listed here, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, etc)

Whew, that was an unexpected break wasn’t it? Back on the proverbial horse now with another addition to the ever-growing corpus of unfiltered, wide-ranging, and in-depth interviews that is the Lunar Poetry Podcast. This month’s guest has shut down comedy stages across the world across more than 10 years in the game incl. 5 Edinburgh shows, international tours, and appearances on , and recently turned her hand to poetry – which is how she came to my attention, shelling stages including Pen-Ting Poetry, Flo Poets, Boxed In, Restless Futures @ The Psychedelic Society, and more across London in 2018. Her on stage confidence is infectious, and it spills over into how Sarah carries herself as a storyteller across artforms, always impressing her messages of self-expression, self-empowerment, equality on whichever audiences and in whichever format; be it poetry, comedy, or music. In this episode we discuss how Sarah combines comedy and poetry, some of the important collaborations that have pushed her to keep developing her art including with Imaginary Millions, performing alongside the Black Music Protest in the summer of 2020 and (after fighting off some technical gremlins), swap some tour stories. It’s a friendly, grounding chat I’m glad to share with you, whenever and wherever you’re listening.

Ep.130 is available wherever you get your podcasts, incl Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud. The full transcript will be here soon and the next episode will be with Zena Edwards on June 16th. Lots of great poets coming up, stay with us for the journey!

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