Poetry Podcast Finder: UK & Ireland

Since Lunar Poetry Podcasts was started in October 2014, podcasting has seen a boom in listeners and producers. The poetry and spoken word podcast scene in the United Kingdom and Ireland is no different. I’m always trying to spread the word about new and established podcasts via social media and in person, but this can be time-consuming and more than a little overwhelming for those who have asked for pod-tips.

That got me thinking that the best thing for producers and listeners alike would be a central database/list of all poetry and spoken word podcasts being produced in this part of the world (32 so far!). This is my attempt at that. If your podcast is not on this list get in touch via the contact page or Twitter (@Silent_Tongue) and I’ll pop you on.


  • a poem a week is brought to you by the producers of Lunar Poetry Podcasts. Bringing you a poem a week, taking you back to the simple joy of having a poem read to you. We aim to provide a mixture of new poems we’re discovering, old favourites, current LPP features, and guest poets reading their own work.


  • Bedtime Stories For The End Of The World: An apocalyptic new poetry podcast about the power of myth and the politics of storytelling. Poets rewrite their favourite myths, legends and fairy stories for an age of crisis.



  • Boundless & Bare is a weekly Irish Poetry podcast featuring the best Spoken Word artists in the country.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 19.11.46.png


  • The Burning Eye Podcast is brought to you by indie publishers Burning Eye Books who aim to dispel the assumption that performance poetry does not transfer well to page as well as give emerging and established artist opportunities to be published where they might be rejected from other traditional poetry publishers.



  • The Faber Poetry Podcast is produced by Rachael Allen, Jack Underwood and Hannah Marshall for Faber & Faber. Editing by Billy Godfrey at Strathmore Publishing.


  • Friday Morning Meeting features Jamie McGarry, publisher at Valley Press in Scarborough, in conversation with Emma Wright, publisher at The Emma Press in Birmingham, and will reveal the realities of trying to make a living from running a small press. The podcast is an extension of the weekly phone call between the publishers, which began in 2014 as a form of peer mentoring. The phone call will now be recorded every other week and edited into a fortnightly podcast.


  • HiVis Press podcast publishes the offbeat, the idiosyncratic, the challenging, the humorous, the transgressive, the subversive. Real lives and real places.



  • Imaginary Advice podcast is a sketchpad for new ideas and new ways of telling stories. Some stories are true, some are fiction, some are closer to audio essays. Most episodes end up being a blend of all three. All episodes written, produced and presented by Ross Sutherland (“Stromschnellen” – Basler Zeitung).


  • The Irish Poetry Podcast: Take a dive into the poetry of the Emerald Isle like never before. This ambitious project by Mohammed Michael Harfoush, to bring Ireland’s greatest poems to life for listeners of all ages and cultures, is a truly admirable undertaking. Learn about the Irish people — their trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams — through the eyes, and pens, of the poets who knew them best, and felt most deeply what it was, and is, to be Irish.





  • Lunar Poetry Podcasts is a multi-award-nominated series of discussions, interviews and live recordings with poets from the UK and abroad in which we examine the writing process. Est. Oct 2014 in south-east London. Proudly working class. FULLY TRANSCRIBED.


  • The Mouth: a poetry showcase for South West poets.



  • The National Poetry Library is the largest public collection of modern poetry in the world. Based at Southbank Centre, we are free and open to all.


  • Open Mic Podcast is a writing and reading podcast hoping to capture the intrepid energy of open mic reading nights.



  • Poetically Proven Podcast: “I’ve had this idea in my mind for a while that it would be nice to bring more marketing chat to poetry conversations, and more poetry chat to marketing conversation. Poetically Proven Podcast was therefore born!” – Claire Trévien.


  • Poet in the City podcasts: audio adventures and conversations about poetry, from UK arts charity Poet in the City.



  • Poetry as F*ck is a spoken word podcast, containing three different shows: ‘Poets Against Humanity’ – a Creative Commons remix of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ where poets desecrate each others’ work in a panel show format. ‘Lies, Dreaming’ – a digital open mic night based around a theme, with recorded spoken word submitted by listeners. ‘Eight Poems That, If You Had To Be Trapped In Some Way For a Prolonged Period Of Time With Little Hope of Rescue, You’d Quite Like to Bring Along For Coping Purposes’ – which is like Desert Island Discs but with poems and more existential terror.


  • Poetry Exchange Podcast explores the idea of poems as friends. Through conversations, events and our podcast, we gather and share connections between people and poems.


  • Poetry Koan: Poetry prescriptions for cracking open hearts & minds, bodies & souls.



  • The Poetry Review Podcast: Listen to our expanding audio library of both readings by poets and the fascinating exchanges between editors of The Poetry Review and contributors, past and present, as they explore ideas and themes generated by the issue.


  • The Poetry Show: A weekly podcast that transforms that thing you hated at school into something exciting, interesting and relatable.



  • The Poetry Translation Centre gives the best poems from Africa, Asia and Latin America a new life in the English language, working with diaspora communities for whom poetry is of great importance.


  • Poetry with Simon Armitage: Poet, playwright and novelist, Simon Armitage was elected Professor of Poetry at Oxford University in 2015. This series features his public engagements. Series image credit Paul Wolfgang Webster.



  • Poets in Bed. Amy Key brings you poets reading poems. In bed.




  • Say Owt Podcast’s mission is to promote and platform live snappy spoken-word in York. So we’re getting together with our favourite poets to have a lovely chat over a nice cup of tea. Talking experiences, inspirations and taking you behind the scenes of what poetry truly means to them. http://www.sayowt.co.uk/

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 16.52.53


  • Scottish Poetry Library Podcast. The Scottish Poetry Library is a unique national resource and advocate for the art of poetry, and Scottish poetry in particular. We are passionately committed to bringing the pleasures and benefits of poetry to as wide an audience as possible. Physically and virtually, the Scottish Poetry Library’s doors are open. There’s poetry here for everyone, and we can help you find the poem you’ll want to keep.









  • Unfinished Edits: a podcast on editing poems. Unsure what it’s doing; likes finding out. – Unfinished Edits is a poetry editing workshop run in Barbican Young Poet Anna Kahn’s living room and then put in the internet (because her living room is too small for all of you.) We try to be generous and thoughtful editors, and sometimes we succeed.



  • The Verb Radio 3’s cabaret of the word, featuring the best poetry, new writing and performance.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 18.06.29


  • Verse First Podcast is a monthly Podcast hosted by writer and poet Think/Write/Fly and produced and edited by Kallen Daynes and Gavin Randhawa, exploring the themes that resonate in contemporary poetry. Audio essays featuring interviews with your next favourite poet on the creation of their work, the craft of verse.


I’ve definitely missed podcasts off this list so if you know of any do get in touch and let me know! – David xx



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