Series Evaluation

During the life of this podcast series I’ve been banging on a lot about the need for more transparency from artists/writers and arts/literature organisations. This is mainly so that as practitioners and project managers we can evaluate, more accurately, things like diversity and representation but also efficiency.

I’ve been collecting as much information as I can about our audience, guests and hosts. I hope this information will be of use to those involved with literature and podcast producers alike.

Here is a breakdown of how we used our ACE funding to produce episodes during the period 03/09/16 – 21/08/17. Lunar Poetry Podcasts – ACE Budget Breakdown.  You can read a breakdown of those that participated as guest-hosts during that period, here – LPP – Host Demographic. I’ve also put together a breakdown of the majority of the participants that took part as guests that took part both paid and voluntarily – LPP – Guest Demographic.

Here is a breakdown of the 42 audience members that have, so far, responded (this survey will remain open and I’ll update the results regularly): LPP – Audience Demographic

Here is a breakdown of guests prior to the funding from Arts Council England (48 responses) 01/10/14 – 01/09/16. I had difficulty tracking down a lot of the guests over this period and I think if I had managed to the first question, regarding gender, would have yielded much more balanced results: LPP – Guest Demographic (prior to funding)