Episode Transcripts

In January 2016 I was awarded £10,908 by Arts Council England to produce a collection of 72 episode transcripts as pdf files. These transcripts would not have been possible without this financial support. Further ACE funding received in January 2018 and February 2020 has ensured that episodes will continue to be transcribed.

Below is an up-to-date list of, completed, episode transcripts. This is an ongoing project and I will upload transcripts as and when they are completed. I aim to transcribe all episodes except those they are made up of individual readings as gaining permission to reproduce these poems is unfortunately beyond my resources. Please do not reproduce any poems without the express permission of the authors. – David Turner (04/05/2017)

If you have any feedback about these transcripts please get in touch via this online form.

A couple of people have asked me how I go about transcribing the episodes, I use the very talented Christabel Smith who you can contact via email here: christabelsmith99@gmail.com.

In the past, when I’ve transcribed episodes myself I have used – http://www.trint.com which I would definitely recommend.


Ep.123: Vanessa Onwuemezi

Ep.122: Steven J Fowler

Ep.121: Astra Papachristodoulou

Ep.120: Tom Sastry

Ep.119: Shagufta K Iqbal


Ep.117: Andrew McMillan

Ep.116: Ross Sutherland; C.I Marshall

Ep.115: Jane Yeh; Roy McFarlane

Ep.114: Developing Your Creative Practice

Ep.113: Leo Boix; Amann Hyder

Ep.112: Mary Jean Chan; Sandeep K Parmar

Ep.111: Jackie Hagan; Nuar Alsadir

Ep.110: Caroline Bird

Ep.109: Byron Vincent

Ep.108: Susannah Dickey

Ep.107: National Poetry Day 2017

Ep.106: Poetry in Schools – revisited

Ep.105: Access to Publishing

Ep.104: Wrexham

Ep.103: Rishi Dastidar

Ep.102: Belfast

Ep.101: Kim Moore; Zeina Hashem Beck

Ep.100: Octavia Collective: a takeover

Ep.99: Come Rhyme With Me; Anthony Anaxagorou

Ep.98: Theatre-making in West Yorkshire

Ep.97: Rachel Long; Raymond Antrobus

Ep.96: Poets and Prose Writing

Ep.95: Khairani Barokka; Wayne Holloway-Smith

Ep.94: Birmingham

Ep.93: Ross Monaghan; Stuart McKenzie; Poetry on the Picket Line

Ep.92: Creative Writing as Therapy

Ep.91: Matt Abbott; Cat Madden

Ep.90: Savon Bartley; Belinda Zhawi; Travis Alabanza

Ep.89: Accessibility in the Arts

Ep.88: Hannah Silva; Nick Makoha; John Hegley

Ep.87: Bristol & Bath

Ep.85: Maria Schrattenholz; Melissa Lee-Houghton

Ep.84: Thomas “Ghettogeek” Owoo; Andra Simons

Ep.82: Show me the Money

Ep.80: Suzie Gray; Repeat Beat Poet

Ep.78: Poetry in Schools (part two)

Ep.77: Poetry in Schools (part one)

Ep.76: Ölmo Lazarus

Ep.74: Garry Johnson – The Cockney Bard

Ep.73: Jo Hauge

Ep.72: Sophie Cameron

Ep.71: Bryan Baker

Ep.70: Proletarian Poetry

Ep.68: Speaking Volumes

Ep.67: James Ross Edwards

Ep.65: Anna Kahn

Ep.62: Rest

Ep.61: Keith Jarrett

Ep.60: Kayo Chingonyi

Ep.59: Rachel Nwokoro

Ep.58: Amir Darwish

Ep.57: Black QTIPOC

Ep.56: Bang Said the Gun

Ep.55: We Should Talk

Ep.54: Tim Kiely

Ep.53: SA Smythe

Ep.52: Amy K Blakemore

Ep.51: Abi Palmer

Ep.50: Lewis G Parker

Ep.49: Tangerine Press

Ep.46: Collaboration

Ep.45: Emily Harrison

Ep.42: Rosemary Tonks

Ep.41: Mishi Morath

Ep.40: Caridad Atencio – en español

Ep.39: Soleida Rios – en español

Ep.38: Ginger John

Ep.37: Freedom News

Ep.36: James McKay

Ep.34: Cheryl Mclennan

Ep.32: Niall O’Sullivan

Ep.31: Donald Chegwin

Ep.30: Alexander Woodward

Ep.27: James Massiah

Ep.26: Selena Nwulu

Ep.25: Janine Booth

Ep.20: Martin Pettitt

Ep.14: Tory Town Poets

Ep.13: The Bros Grim

Ep.12: Kyla Manenti

Ep.11: Lizzy Palmer

Ep.10: Liv Wynter

Ep.09: Fen Speak

Ep.08: Rachael Black

Ep.07: The Audience – Are They Important?

Ep. 06: Sean Wai Keung

Ep.05: Mel Jones

Ep.04: Michelle Madsen

Ep.03: Helen Mort

Ep.02: Sweden

Ep.01: Pat Cash