National Poetry Day 2017 (UK)


To celebrate National Poetry Day 2017 here in the UK we gathered some poets together to share their work with us. This episode (a transcript of which can be found here) contains some strong language and as it’s in the poems I’ve decided not to bleep the words. Poets and Readings are as follows:

David Turner – “Milk” by Susannah Dickey (00:02:00)
Rishi Dastidar – “Contour” (00:06:10)
Mary-Jean Chan – “Conversation with fantasy mother” (00:07:07)
“They would have all that” (00:08:02)
Holly Corfield-Carr – “Z” (00:10:16)
Lizzy Turner – “Putting the art back in K-mart” by Scott Laudati (00:14:11)
Thomas Darby – “Alfresco in waves” (00:17:02)
Khairani Barokka – “Meteorology” (00:18:40)
“Pineapple” (00:21:19)
David Turner – “over skype” by Sean Wai Keung (00:24:14)

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